SMS School Management Software

School Management Software


A School Management System is designed to facilitate paperless administration of schools. School software has the ability to host modules which allow user to maintain academic history of students, records, etc. which ultimately helps the staff, teachers to work in accord. It brings many different functions/departments in one system and provides all the relevant data in one place. Online school management system is also getting more prevalence. Web based school management software is more easy to use at any and every location, with no sacrifice in functionalities..
Features of School and Campus Management System



Student Management:

Student management system helps in keeping track of student registration process. A user can add, modify or view modules intended to ease registration and identify student’s background during the admission procedure.

Academic Management:

It provides all of the academic history of a student. It has modules which help in noting down the scoring of each and every student. Management can also keep a track of every student’s progress through a year. We can say that this module allows the user to see the knowledge level a student possesses through their grades.

Inventory Management:

This module helps the school to maintain its stock and their quantity as per the need. A user can keep their purchase details safely and it also helps in defining stationary stock level. Apart from that, the school management system also gives an indication as in when to order the new stock.

Online examination:

SMake it easy to examine the students using the online MCQ tests and record the results of students easily.

Schools need a good and full-fledged tool to ensure proper functioning and record management at every stage. Deploying comprehensive School Management Software is, therefore, a prerequisite these days. Through these, academic institutions can automate every school-related task.


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